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Good Dog

Are you having trouble finding what works with your dog? Like people, not all dogs learn the same or look to be rewarded the same. Maybe it's time to change things up. Try doing something out of the ordinary with your dog. Maybe change up your walk routine. Play games with your dog. Putting a treat under one of three cups and playing the cup game with some solo cups might be one way. Even putting a leash on and walking around in the house will be enough of a change to keep your dog's brain thinking. If you still need help, give us a call!

Keep in mind that socialization is very important and should be ongoing with both people and other animals. Introductions should be slow and low key. Letting two dogs that don't know one another charge together at high energy levels can result in a tussle or worse. Be sure energy levels are low and everyone is being respectful of one another. If you need help with introductions, we can help.

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