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Hi, I'm Lori Smith

Lori & Pups.jpg

Over 15 Years of Training and Rehabilitation Experience

Having done work with local rescues since 2009, we have extensive experience with working with behavioral issues. Our main goal was to rehabilitate rescues to ensure their adoptability.  From there we did extensive work and study to earn certification in various areas of training and behavioral modification. 

The energy work that I've studied, which includes Reike for animals, has been a tremendous help working with dogs.  It is especially helpful in calming anxious dogs so we can get through to the heart of the issues and begin the healing process.  Many times it's more about that sort of balance than it is training new tricks. We are more about appropriate behavior and obedience than teaching tricks. We are always eager to meet and make new furry friends.

This is my husband, Mike Smith

He and I share in the operations of Simply Smith LLC.

We love having the ability to do work we love together. His compassion and understanding of dogs is unsurpassed and what makes him such a great trainer. We find we accomplish better results in a more timely manner when we team up. We have been able to accomplish together in just a very short time what other trainers have not been able to achieve given months to address issues. Our work together speaks for itself and we are passionate about dogs and helping them have happy balanced lives.

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