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Simply Smith LLC

Midwest Dog Whisperer



Dog Training

Working on the basics! You may be surprised how big of a difference the little things can make. Your dog should always have the basics such as sit, stay, down, leave it, come, and drop.  But if you add to that little things like teaching place and being sure that your dog is always following and not leading, it can make for a very big difference.

Our one on one in home sessions are only $125 an hour in the Fox Valley area.

Jack Russel


What appears to be aggressive behavior is not always the case. It may be something to do with a traumatic event or change within the dynamics of the home that may cause a dog to lose it's confidence. That may be the real reason behind the change in behavior. Let us help! We offer hourly ($125) as well as Doggie Day School starting at $250 up to 4 hours in a day.

Behavior Modification

From obsessive barking, digging, chewing, or over grooming.  We can help with various behavioral issues.  Even if your dog is older! We Can teach old dogs new tricks.  So what is to much verses appropriate behavior? We can come in and assess for you, let you know what is healthy or not, and what to do to give your dog what they need. We offer hourly ($125) as well as Doggie Day School starting at $250 for up to 4 hour in a day.


About Lori

Hi I'm Lori!  I love spending time with my grandson when I'm not working with the doggies and sometimes I get to do both at the same time.  Now I have a granddaughter as well!  I also take care of my handicapped son, ride motorcycle and enjoy roller skating. But I get really excited about changing lives by training people and rehabilitating dogs.  I like to say that I'm "Saving the world, one dog at a time!" Always having had a connection with animals, it has been wonderful sharing my gift with others by not only changing but saving lives. I've studied Reiki and use my knowledge of energy work to help ease the anxieties of not only the dogs we work with but their owners and family members as well.

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About Mike

Hi, I'm Mike!  I enjoy skating, photography, and riding motorcycle.  But my real passion is helping dogs that are scared and need help regaining confidence.  I've had dogs most my life and as an adult, had German Shepard dogs. Now my best buddy is a GSD Husky mix that came from a hoarding situation that I've rehabilitated to give him a better life as well as a shepherd mix that was feral. Helping dogs like this and giving them a chance at a life is the Best. Truly "Saving the world one dog at a time"!


Love Our Furry Clients


Energy Readings

Let us be your dog's translator.

We are now offering energy readings in order to give you a greater understanding of your dog.  Are they hanging onto past experiences? Are they grieving a loss? Do they need help moving past some traumatic event? We can help.

Whether you are interested in a one on one in home reading or group readings with your dog to help you become more balanced as well, we offer many options to help. 

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